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Welcome to the Rife Wiki

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Purpose of this Rife Wiki

An encyclopaedia about the microscope and resonance therapy, developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as their modern counterparts. The Rife Wiki compliments the various online resources already available on the work of the San Diego scientist: Royal Raymond Rife. On this Wiki, you can find or create pages relating to Rife history, microscopes and frequency therapy.

Device Related Pages

It is also possible and permitted to post messages on Rife related equipment as long as these are factual, unbiased and not posted in a way which could be interpreted as advertising. It is not permitted to state in any way that one device is somehow superior to another except for comparisons between devices made by the same company. Comments about a device should relate to that device only, not in relation to it being better or worse than any competitive product.

Differences to Wikipedia

As unfortunately the Royal Rife entry on Wikipedia is one of the most heavily (negatively) biased pages on Wikipedia, this Rife Wiki has been setup to allow those involved in any form of electrotherapy research to create non-biased factual entries on the subject.

Please note that Wikipedia has been enhanced with some extensions to add additional functionality to the system. See the bottom of this page for more details. Unlike Wikipedia, the Rife Wiki is only available in the English language. We did previously offer a German Wiki, but nobody made use of it so it has now been dropped.

As Rife technology is an experimental technology under development that is not recognised by mainstream medicine, the amount of information and references available may be lacking on some pages. Anything written on this Wiki that is not suitably referenced should be treated as the opinion of the person who posted it.

Linking to pages on the Rife Wiki

Although it is possible to view and edit the Rife Wiki from both the and domains, this may be temporary and we reserve the right to be able to drop access to the Rife Wiki via the domain in future.

When linking to any pages on the Rife Wiki, it is important to use the domain.

e.g. Use: to link to this page.

How to Login to the Rife Wiki

Anyone can view the entries on this Wiki without logging in, yet you need to be an active member of the Rife Forum to create or edit any pages here. This requirement has been made to prevent vandalism and spam as well as to ensure that all entries are made by people actively involved in Rife research.

For technical reasons, The Rife Wiki is currently accessible from two different URLs: and and both domains show exactly the same content.

Please note that enabling the Rife Wiki to use the Rife Forum member database (two completely different systems) involves making minor allowances in the way they interact. This is made further complicated by the use of two separate domains. However, if you follow the following login instructions fully, all should run smoothly.

Login to

Rife Forum members will be automatically logged in to the Rife Wiki at provided they are already logged into the Rife Forum at

Login to

For technical reasons, using the login page on the Rife Wiki will not work. It is necessary to login to the Rife Forum at the unusual address of and then return to (e.g. by clicking on the "Wiki" link on the navigation bar)

Login to Rife Wiki with a Pseudonym

Please note that the admin has the right to refuse or ban members from making changes to the Wiki without giving any reasons.

The Rife Forum requires real names (e.g. "John Crane") as usernames and we understand that some members would like to be able to post here publically under a pseudonym (e.g. "RifeGuy") to maintain their privacy. If you already have a normal account on the Rife Forum (required) and would like a special account for making posts on this Wiki with a pseudonym (only the admin will know your real identity), please use the following instructions:

  1. Go to (where you need to be logged off) and register a new account using your new pseudonym as your username. Remember to put your real name in the Full Name field (only the admin can see that). Under Reasons for Membership, state that you wish to use this account for the Rife Wiki.

  2. Complete the registration and carry out the activation procedure in the email that is sent to you to confirm your email address.

  3. The admin need to approve your account and once that is complete, you will be able to use the pseudonym with the Rife Wiki. Please note that with this special account, you will be able to view the forum, but not make and posts whereas you will have full user rights on the Rife Wiki.

  4. Using the URL, login with your pseudonym as usual. Once logged in, click on the "Wiki" link on the navigation bar.

  5. Once setup correctly, the following login settings will apply:
    1. - Use this address to login to the Rife Forum when using a pseudonym. You will only be able be read the topics on the Rife Forum in this mode.

    2. - The official URL for the Rife Wiki. Use this URL in combination with a pseudonym to create or edit articles for the Wiki.

    3. - Use this address to login to the Rife Forum with your normal username (e.g. "John Crane". You can read and write topics as usual.

    4. - If you have previously logged into the Rife Forum normally, you will be automatically logged in under your normal Rife Forum username (e.g. “John Crane”). Any articles you create or edit will appear in the history with your full name (not the pseudonym).

Important: In order to make changes to the Wiki with your pseudonym, always use the address as otherwise your real name will appear in the history (and cannot be removed).

It is not necessary to have a username to read any of the articles on the Rife Wiki. It is however not possible to create or edit any pages without a valid login - Anonymous IP based logins, common on Wikipedia, are not permitted on the Rife Wiki.

Under Construction

Please note that this Wiki is currently under construction, so the amount of information and references available may be lacking on some pages. Please allow time for well referenced articles to be created. If you feel something is missing, please feel free to create the page, yourself. During this period, it is possible that articles do not have as many references as they should have. When creating articles, please reference your work as well as possible.

How to use the Rife Wiki

Topic Range

Topics on this Wiki can relate to any aspect of the history, technology and therapy's originally developed by Royal Raymond Rife as well as their modern counterparts - that is modern day microscopes and therapy devices either based on Rife's work, or similar technologies. Entries can relate to treatment protocols for a specific disease, descriptions of individual devices, terms, etc.

Finding Topics

To search for a specific entry, try entering the term you are searching for in the search box on the left.

Click here to simply list all topics posted so far

Click here for more specialized search options

How to Write or Edit Wiki Pages

In order to edit or create a page, you need to be a registered member of the Rife Forum. Registration is free of charge, yet subject to admin approval (usually within 24h). Once registered, you can start editing an existing page by clicking on the Edit tab. All fully registered Rife Forum members are automatically able to login to the Rife Wiki as desired.

Detailed instructions on how to create and edit Wiki pages can be found on Wikipedia

We can also highly recommend the Wikipedia Tutorial in order to learn how to write Wikipedia pages.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

Extensions Available

The Rife Wiki uses the standard basic MediaWiki functionality plus the following extensions: List of Extensions

If additional extensions are required, please contact the Rife Forum admin.

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